Constituent Services

If you are an Oklahoma resident and are having problems with a federal agency, please contact my district office in your area. Please refer to the office location map for the office nearest you. If you are not a resident of Oklahoma, in keeping with the long-standing tradition of Congressional Courtesy, your request will be forwarded to a Senator in your state of residence. You may find a list of United States Senators and their contact information at

Under the provisions of the Privacy Act of 1974, I must have formal authorization from you before making an inquiry to a federal agency on your behalf. This law was enacted to protect individuals from unauthorized disclosure of personal information without their consent. This authorization usually can be made by sending me a letter requesting assistance and outlining the nature of your problem. On some occasions an agency such as the Internal Revenue Service will require a formal privacy release form. If it is determined that your case will require this form, the state office caseworker who is working your case will send the form to you or you can access and print the form by clicking here : Privacy Release Form. The letter or form must be signed by the person whose case is in question. When you contact me it would also be very helpful if you would include all pertinent information such as your name(s), mailing address, telephone number(s), social security number, documentation from the agency including correspondence and other information relevant to your case.

As a federal legislator I have no authority to intervene in matters that fall under the jurisdiction of the State of Oklahoma. Some examples of state matters are: food stamps, child support, insurance regulation, or utility regulation. You should contact the Governor or your State Legislators for assistance with these matters. You can obtain a complete listing of state agencies and contact information for the Office of the Governor and/or your State Legislators by logging onto the State of Oklahoma web site at


The rules of the Senate prevent me from intervening in the proceedings of any court of law (including appeal proceedings), since these are activities of the judicial branch of government.

If you are having a legal problem involving the courts or prison system, you may need to contact the Justice Department or consider help from an attorney.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to write to my Tulsa office at the following address:

Senator Tom Coburn
1800 South Baltimore
Suite 800
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74119
918-581-7651 (phone)
918-581-7195 (fax)

You may send you letter by fax to (202) 224-6008 or you may contact me by email.