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The federal government's role in education today is far too intrusive and counterproductive.  I believe our Constitution empowers parents, teachers and local communities — not federal bureaucrats — to manage our children's education.  Congress should do everything in its power to limit the federal role in education and return education dollars and decisions to local communities.

America became a great and prosperous nation in part through strong local education that was controlled by parents, families, faith-based groups and community organizations.  I do not believe it is a coincidence that as the federal government's role in education has greatly expanded test scores across our country have stagnated or declined.  The bureaucratic administration of education in Washington, D.C. has resulted in widespread waste and duplication among more than 760 different federal education programs with virtually no benefit to our children. 

Congress needs to reconnect our children's education with the local resources and caring individuals who will make a difference in their lives.  The education tax dollars we are sending to Washington would be better spent if they were controlled and managed by our local communities.

It is critical we have the courage to reform education in the United States and in Oklahoma, and not continue to pour federal funding into a wasteful system.  Students must have the resources and preparation needed to complete their educational goals and succeed in a technologically driven work-force.

The young people of our state and nation deserve the best education we can provide.

Dr. Coburn is a co-sponsor of the Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success (A-PLUS) Act (S. 893).  The A-PLUS Act will give every state the option of entering into a five-year agreement with the U.S. Department of Education during which time the state will continue receiving federal funding at the same levels as under No Child Left Behind, but will be allowed more flexibility and control over curriculum and evaluation.


Press Releases

October 2014
Date Title
10/22/14 Wastebook 2014: What Washington doesn't want you to read.
August 2014
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8/28/14 Oklahoma Delegation Responds to Obama Administration’s Failure to Grant ESEA Extension
July 2013
Date Title
7/18/13 Bipartisan Group of Senators Reach Deal to Lower Rates for All Students
June 2013
Date Title
6/27/13 Bipartisan Group of Senators Forge Student Loan Compromise
6/27/13 Senators Manchin, Burr, Coburn, Alexander, King Introduce Bipartisan Permanent Student Loan Solution
April 2013
Date Title
4/9/13 Senators Introduce the Comprehensive Student Loan Protection Act
November 2012
Date Title
11/15/12 Dr. Coburn Releases “Department of Everything” Report on “Non-Defense” Defense Spending
October 2012
Date Title
10/17/12 Kline and Coburn Demand Answers on Costs, Delays Surrounding Missing Head Start Report
10/15/12 Coburn Releases Annual Report Highlighting Some of the Most Wasteful Government Spending in 2012
10/9/12 WASTEBOOK 2012
August 2012
Date Title
8/1/12 Dr. Coburn Hosting Town Hall Meetings Across Oklahoma
June 2012
Date Title
6/13/12 The Administration's "Campaign to Cut Waste", One Year Later
6/6/12 Coburn Releases New Report on Unspent Federal Dollars
6/6/12 Senators Coburn, Burr Introduce the “Comprehensive Student Loan Protection Act”
March 2012
Date Title
3/29/12 Senators Coburn and Burr Issue Joint Statement on GAO Oversight Report
February 2012
Date Title
2/28/12 Sens. Coburn, Collins, & Lieberman Say Annual GAO Report Exposes More Duplication in the Federal Budget, Less Responsibility Coming Out of Washington
2/28/12 Senator Coburn to Testify at House Committee on Oversight and Governmental Reform Hearing Today on Annual GAO Report Addressing Duplication & Overlap in the Federal Government
January 2012
Date Title
1/30/12 Dr. Coburn to Host Town Hall Meeting in Edmond on Saturday, February 4th
December 2011
Date Title
12/17/11 Dr. Coburn Votes "No" on Omnibus Spending Bill
November 2011
Date Title
11/22/11 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Failure of the Super Committee
October 2011
Date Title
10/5/11 Dr. Coburn Launches “Back in Black” Online Survey
September 2011
Date Title
9/8/11 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Plan
July 2011
Date Title
7/25/11 Dr. Coburn’s Statement on Breakdown in Debt Talks
7/18/11 Dr. Coburn Releases $9 Trillion Deficit Reduction Plan
June 2011
Date Title
6/22/11 Dr. Coburn Introduces Bill to Restore Constitutional Limitations on Congressional Power
May 2011
Date Title
5/26/11 Dr. Coburn Releases New Oversight Report Exposing Waste, Mismanagement at the National Science Foundation
September 2010
Date Title
9/30/10 Dr. Coburn Releases Oversight Report on Education Pork
July 2007
Date Title
7/24/07 Senate Approves Coburn Amendment Ensuring Federal Student Aid Dollars Fund Education, Not Lobbyists
September 2006
Date Title
9/12/06 Coburn Releases College and University Responses to Earmark Inquiry