Press Room

December 2008
Date Title
12/12/08 Coburn Report Highlights Worst Waste of 2008
12/11/08 Coburn Report Highlights Worst Waste of 2008
November 2008
Date Title
11/19/08 Coburn Rejects Blank Check to Big Three Auto Companies
11/13/08 Joint Letter of Concern to Secretary Paulson After His Announcement to the Change Intent of the Troubled Asset Relief Program Files
October 2008
Date Title
10/29/08 Dr. Coburn Releases Report Highlighting Waste and Mismanagement at the Department of Justice
10/20/08 Dr. Coburn Says Upcoming Special Session of Congress Should Focus on Economic Crisis, not Trivial Lands Bill
10/16/08 Coburn to Host Town Hall Meeting in Oklahoma City
September 2008
Date Title
9/29/08 Dr. Coburn Says a Financial Stabilization Plan is Necessary
9/24/08 Dr. Coburn Credits Emmett Till Justice Campaign with Passage of Civil Rights Legislation
9/19/08 Dr. Coburn Says Financial Crisis Requires Sacrifice and Statesmanship in Congress
9/15/08 Dr. Coburn Urges Senate Leaders to End Partisan Obstruction of Child Protection Legislation Files
August 2008
Date Title
8/21/08 Dr. Coburn Releases Report on AWOL Federal Employees Files
8/1/08 Senate Leaders Obstruct Compromise Backed by Head of Emmett Till Justice Campaign and Senator Dodd
July 2008
Date Title
7/29/08 Dr. Coburn Applauds Senate’s Decision to Continue Energy Debate
7/26/08 Dr. Coburn Votes for Taxpayers and Against Protecting Shareholders of Fannie and Freddie
7/26/08 Dr. Coburn Says Senate Leaders Should Encourage, not Cut Off, Debate on Massive $10 Billion Omnibus Spending Bill
7/24/08 Coburn Urges Senate Leaders to Hold Full and Open Debate on $11 Billion Omnibus Spending Bill
7/22/08 Dr. Coburn Says Taxpayers Deserve a Full and Open Debate on Reid’s Omnibus Spending Bill
7/10/08 Dr. Coburn Votes to Protect Choices and Coverage for Medicare Patients
June 2008
Date Title
6/26/08 Coburn Applauds Supreme Court for Ruling that Reaffirms the Second Amendment as an Individual Right
6/26/08 Coburn Applauds Congressional Leaders and Bush Administration for Lifting Objection to Prioritizing Treatment in PEPFAR Reauthorization
6/19/08 Shadegg, Coburn Urge Passage of Bill Requiring Congress to Cite Constitutional Authority
6/18/08 Coburn Urges Congress to Stop Obstructing Access to American Energy Resources
May 2008
Date Title
5/23/08 Coburn to Host Town Hall Meetings
5/15/08 Dr. Coburn Rejects $300 Billion Giveaway to Bureaucrats and Lobbyists Masked as a Farm Bill
5/9/08 Dr. Coburn Criticizes Senate for Subsidizing Coastal Homes in Flood Insurance Bill
April 2008
Date Title
4/17/08 Coconut Road Congressional Investigation Obstructed by Partisan Tactics
4/10/08 Senate Rejects Coburn/McCain Amendments to Restrain Spending; Protect Private Property Rights
4/9/08 Dr. Coburn Calls on Senate Judiciary Committee to do its Job and Confirm Judges
4/8/08 Coburn Meets with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans and Remarks on the Testimony of General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker
4/2/08 Dr. Coburn Applauds CAGW for Release of 2008 Pig Book
March 2008
Date Title
3/13/08 Dr. Coburn Calls Earmarking an Unconstitutional Abuse of Power
3/12/08 Dr. Coburn to Host a Series of Town Hall Meetings Next Week
3/12/08 Dr. Coburn, Senators Burr, Kyl Introduce Legislation to Improve Testing and Treatment of AIDS
3/11/08 Coburn Critical of IRS Spending of $42 Million on Needless Stimulus Letter
February 2008
Date Title
2/26/08 Dr. Coburn Votes Against Status Quo Health Care for Native Americans
January 2008
Date Title
1/28/08 Dr. Coburn Responds to President Bush’s State of the Union Proposals