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Feb 14 2012

The Pork Report

How Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists are spending your tax dollars

Today’s edition identifies at least $8,169,000 in wasteful Washington spending

National Science Foundation research on-line dating profiles to spot liars; Weight is the most frequent fib click here to read more

Senate barber shop receives a $300,000 taxpayer bailout click here to read more

John Edwards still owes taxpayers $2.1 million for federal funds improperly received after dropping out of the race for president in 2008, yet his campaign spent $836,712 last year on airfare, hotels, phones and other expenses click here to read more

With the city going broke, Los Angeles is spending $489,000 in federal stimulus funds to upgrade the engines in its million dollar yacht click here to read more

More than a quarter of a million dollars in stimulus money was spent in Georgia on a mobile medical unit that spends most of the year parked click here to read more

Saginaw, Michigan misspent $5 million of federal housing funds over the past decade, including $500,000 to purchase the county fairgrounds and $142,000 for 185 refrigerators and 185 ranges that it could not document the need for click here to read more

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