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Feb 08 2012

The Pork Report

How Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists are spending your tax dollars

Today’s edition identifies at least $416,930,000 in wasteful Washington spending

Washington politicians steered more than $300 million in earmarks to projects near their own property or to the employers of family members click here to read more

Navy paying $15 a gallon for “green” gasoline click here to read more

Inmates receiving food stamps; Some food stamp recipients receiving benefits in multiple states click here to read more

NIH spending $115.9 million on conference and travel services click here to read more

Job training agency spent more than $1 million of federal funds to purchase nearly 1,000 computers that are sitting unused in storage click here to read more

Federal transportation funds pay for a visitor center at the St. Louis Museum of Transportation click here to read more

USDA gives $120,000 grant to a goat and cheese-making operation click here to read more

More than half-a-million dollars in federal funds for a visitors center in New York has remained unspent for seven years click here to read more

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