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Feb 15 2012

The Pork Report

How Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists are spending your tax dollars

Today’s edition identifies at least $3,133,000 in wasteful Washington spending

Food stamps used to pay for beer, cigarettes, cell phone bills and even cars click here to read more

Woman convicted of fraud for receiving food stamps she was not financially eligible for continued to receive aid while in jail and even after she was released; “They’re charging me with fraud… and then they continue to give me more benefits.” click here to read more

“Prom Week” video game funded by the National Science Foundation; Simulation games is based upon studies of social interactions of characters in movies and television shows click here to read more

National Science Foundation studies why Vermonters talk kinda funny click here to read more

USDA paying to market whiskey and wine in Nebraska click here to read more

USDA grant will establish tasting panels for New Jersey wines click here to read more

USDA pays the Idaho Firearms and Accessories Manufacturer’s Association to explore economic opportunities for firearms related industries in the state click here to read more

Wisconsin airport greatly exaggerated the number of flights it handled to get federal grant money click here to read more

Politically connected group accused of profiting off of federal funds intended to assist poor farmers, including paying ghost employees click here to read more

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