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Feb 02 2012

The Pork Report

How Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and lobbyists are spending your tax dollars

Today’s edition identifies at least $119,822,700 in wasteful Washington spending

The Port of Los Angeles, which has received $23.5 million in federal stimulus money, spent almost $200,000 on a party featuring dancers, nearly 200 bottles of wine, and even miniature Oscars click here to read more

Federal funds intended to keep “at-risk” youths in Newark off the streets spent on “suspicious payments” including taking visitors from Bermuda to restaurants, the movies, shopping trips, bowling, and a professional basketball game click here to read more

Alaska residents fear eminent domain may be used to take away their homes and property to build the Bridge to Nowhere click here to read more

Prisoners in Maryland had access to Social Security numbers which they used to entered claims for payments from physicians from Medicaid click here to read more

IRS sends a prisoner who filed a bogus tax return a refund check for $327,456 to correctional facility click here to read more

Earmarks to make a comeback? Bipartisan agreement among Washington politicians for a return to pork barrel politics click here to read more

Making bus shelters in Oregon town more decorative and artistic increases the cost 35 percent; “The nicer they are makes more people want to use public transportation,” says assistant city manager click here to read more

Battery manufacturer which received more than $118 million in stimulus funds from the Department of Energy has file for bankruptcy click here to read more

Developer receivers a $50,000 federal grant to pay for renovation of a Mississippi shopping center click here to read more

More than $1 million will be spent to preserve an abandoned train station; The last passenger train runs ended in 1968 click here to read more

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